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Among AARC’s goals is the dissemination of Academic Analytics’ data to scholars and university administrators who rely on quantitative, discipline-level information to supplement their research, decision-making, and strategic planning. In the spirit of this commitment, we wrote about the nuances of bibliometric data interpretation across disciplines ( and made our bibliometric discipline-level data publicly available ( Our data viewer offers a dynamic view into these disciplinary bibliometric patterns. Our goal in presenting these data is not to establish a template against which individual scholars should be measured, but to contextualize and highlight important differences in publication practice, grant funding, and honorific award culture in each discipline, so these differences may be considered by those charged with evaluation and strategic planning across disciplines at research universities. Data from Academic Analytics database version AAD2021-2348.

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To cite the data viewer, please use the following reference:
Olejniczak AJ, Savage WE, Wheeler R. 2022. The Rhythms of Scholarly Publication: Suggestions to Enhance Bibliometric Comparisons Across Disciplines. Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics 7:812312. doi: 10.3389/frma.2022.812312

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