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Trends in U.S. faculty hiring and retention based on ten years of data: a study of prestige, diversity and inequality

Faculty hiring and retention determine the composition of the U.S. academic workforce and directly shape educational outcomes, career trajectories, the development and spread of ideas, and research priorities. But patterns in faculty hiring and retention are dynamic, reflecting societal and academic priorities, generational turnover, and long-term efforts to diversify the professoriate along gender, racial, and socioeconomic lines. In this talk, we'll analyze, at unprecedented scale and resolution, the academic employment and doctoral education of tenure-track faculty at all PhD-granting U.S. universities over the decade spanning 2011-2020, quantifying stark inequalities in faculty production, prestige, retention, gender, and country of training. We unpack these patterns through a complementary analysis of survey responses from around 10,000 U.S. tenure-track faculty respondents, who told our research team about the stresses they experience in the academic workplace. Presented by Hunter Wapman and Dan Larremore.

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