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The Impact of International Scientists, Engineers, and Students on U.S. Research Outputs and Global Competitiveness

Sarah Rovito, Divyansh Kaushik, and Surya Dev Aggarwal will present on how they brought together faculty bibliometric data from the Academic Analytics Research Center (AARC) (obtained through special research-use permission) with faculty region of origin at birth data from the MIT Office of the Provost in support of a case study exploring the contributions of international scientists to MIT’s research output. This analysis was recently published as part of a piece exploring the impacts of foreign-born faculty and scholars on the U.S.’s science and engineering research enterprise in Volume II of the MIT Science Policy Review.

Sarah, Divyansh, and Surya, along with representatives from the MIT Office of the Provost, look forward to sharing their experience working with the AARC, findings from the MIT case study, and potential avenues for future research.


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