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The Rhythms of Scholarly Publication: Bibliometric Comparisons Across Fields

Thursday, October 21 at 1:00PM ET

Presented by Dick Wheeler, PhD, Bill Savage, PhD, Anthony Olejniczak, PhD

Research administrative leaders are increasingly engaged in metric-based evaluation of scholarly research outputs across a wide array of disciplines. Judicious application of bibliometric data to evaluation of faculty or institutional research activity must take into account disciplinary differences in research style, pace, and publication strategies, and publicly available data documenting these nuanced disciplinary differences are scarce.

Towards the goal of providing the research community with up-to-date information describing individual field’s research output patterns, AARC researchers created a Data Viewer that offers a dynamic view into these bibliometric patterns. This tool was inspired by our recent work on the rhythms of publication across fields (, and the nuanced view of disciplinary evaluation and comparison that we believe is critical for higher education research leadership.

Data displayed in the new viewer include:

  • Information on faculty member demographics in each discipline, including population by gender and professorial rank

  • Number of journal articles, awards, grants, conference proceedings, books, grants, and honorific awards

Please join our discussion with the dataset creators the about our new publicly available viewer and their inspiration to create this new resource.

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