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Academic Analytics Research Center

Academic Analytics Research Center (AARC) is committed to creating reproducible and open scholarship covering all aspects of the scholarly research enterprise. Our goal is to empower scholars and research administrative leaders as they improve academic research policy, management, and equity through independent, data-based inquiry.


About AARC

AARC is an independent research unit within Academic Analytics, LLC. We are scholars who seek to produce original, open, and timely research in collaboration with colleagues from across the globe. As stewards of the Academic Analytics commercial dataset, AARC also shares data with researchers working independently to advance responsible and equitable research policy, higher education management, and scientometric studies.

Click here to learn how to apply for use of our data in your research. Learn more about AARC and our team of scholars and academic advisors on the About page.

Collaborate With Us

AARC is excited to support scholars investigating questions related to higher education, research administration, and scientometrics. Available data elements are described here, including rosters of faculty members and their journal articles, books, chapters, conference proceedings, patents, clinical trials, grants, and honorific awards. Access to our data is highly competitive; we receive many more applications than we can support. Our staff and team of senior academic advisors will consider your application and, if approved, advise on the next steps to procure access. If approved, data access is provided at no cost. We ask that all scholars using our data publish in open access journals and make their data available openly (with due precautions to anonymize individual’s names, and in keeping with your institution’s IRB protocols). If you have a project of broad interest to the research community that you believe would benefit from access to the Academic Analytics dataset, please click here to apply for access to our data.

Discipline Data Viewer

Following our release of data on the rhythm of scholarly publication across disciplines (, AARC has compiled and visualised discipline-level data for use by higher education scholars and administrators. See our data views to learn about demographics (age distribution, professorial rank, and gender) in more than 130 disciplines, including information about publication rates and venues, grant funding, and honorific awards.

Academic Analytics Research Center



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